How we do it

The Sulis Cycle – constantly developing and refining your communications

Video is at the heart of our communications package.  Why? 

  • Because video captures attention more effectively than static words or pictures.
  • Because search engines rank video above text.
  • Because video holds visitors longer on your site.
  • Because video lends itself perfectly to social media sharing, thus spreading your message further.

That applies only to good-quality, professionally-produced work, of course – which is where we come in.

But we’re much more than conventional film-makers.

Our video production is the result of a detailed strategic programme.  By the time we start filming we’ll have examined, analysed and planned every aspect of your potential message in relation to your target audience, your overall development plan and your eventual objectives.

And we continue testing, analysing and refining your message as we go along – because effective communications don’t stand still.

We call our process the Sulis Cycle, since it forms the virtuous circle of planning, production, evaluation and refinement.

The Sulis Cycle is in four phases:

1. Discovery

This is where we use primary and secondary research, together with client workshops, to identify target audiences, their needs and wants, any gaps in the service offered to them, and opportunities within the organisation for communications to enhance business objectives.

2. Strategic development

Here we formulate the communications approach and digital marketing strategy that best suit our research findings.  We use our research to devise a creative concept, a programme of content and a plan of action to take things forward in a structured manner.

3. Production

Now we move into smooth project management of video production and associated web development, involving script, programme and design briefings, scheduling,  email distribution and marketing support materials.

Result?  Relevant, compelling video delivered on time and on budget, built in to an integrated  marketing mix and delivered via our advanced Digital Distribution Channels software.

4. Analytics 

Our sophisticated software and delivery platforms enable us to monitor campaigns in real time – and to make swift  adjustments as we go along in order to to maximise the effect of our communications.  We provide comprehensive reports detailing results against objectives – and give you clear guidance for your ROI calculations.